DRT Power Systems (DRT) has the unique ability to use additive manufacturing processes to produce parts and post-machine them into a wide array of configurations and tolerances. This results in a range of important efficiencies and market advantages for customers, including faster time-to-market with new products.

DRT has distinguished itself through its ability to work with challenging materials such as titanium alloys, nickel alloys, stainless steel and aluminum using Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) and EOS equipment (and other platforms) to produce a variety of airframe and turbine components.

DRT’s additive manufacturing capability enables repetitive manufacturing of the same part consistently and to specification every time.


Customer benefits include:

  • Elimination of waste and excess cost
  • Allowance for small manufacturing runs
  • Freedom to design and innovate without significant cost penalties
  • Greater speed to market with new products
  • Ability to remove design inefficiencies for faster turn times
  • A design-driven manufacturing process that produces complex structures that are light and stable
  • Ability to combine separate machined parts into one part that can be produced additively which allows for cost efficiencies


Additive manufacturing brings unprecedented freedom and innovation to the design and manufacturing process. Talk to us about what’s possible for your next project.

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