If it’s setting up your online shop, your personal blog, working in cinema 4d or publishing your company website design could be a difficult thing to decide. It requires skill and enough attentiveness to achieve the end result that please to the viewers. If you want to do this, adopt the using 4 design principles.

4 Fundamental Design Concepts


Highlighting sections that are important and weaken others is really important when you want to make an emphasis. You have to decide on the pattern because it doesn’t work if you’re in confusion. Making contrast is not only about the size of characters but also about the color, spacing, and font type. For beginners, a maximum of two fonts would be best for a single text.


This means to repeat the same design using one principle. For example, in magazines, the page number is always placed on the same spot. The arrangement of titles is on the same place as well so that the reader can say without any clarification that that is indeed the header / title. The format makes a great impression on the minds of the customers.


Alignment simply refers to the ordered, justified edges when you write your content. Basically they give the feeling that items are aligned with an imaginary line drawn in the spaces of your sentences. This way, the material is more identifiable. It would be best to align it as a simple rule on one hand, so that people can switch their eyes delightfully.


In other terms, it groups the items that are interrelated. A relative relationship would make the concept easier for viewers to grasp. In order to optimize your design, you need to combine ideas that are similar. One example is to separate them by definition. Divide the explanation for each image to provide a better meaning when using several images.

So, when you decide about design, remember who your readers are and when they view your content. Design should always balance these three variables, time, position and chance. Naturally, you will have a good eye on things through frequent study and constant training. Develop your design skills in accordance with these basic rules and you will surely achieve what you want.